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I enjoy every moment with the members at Gwen’s Social Club for Dogs at the off leash areas, and I realized how they Gwen's Social Club for Dogs have also shaped the way I think and the way I approach building a healthy relationship between human and dog. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how dogs really see the world. The best way to achieve this, I had to understand how dogs think and learn.

My formula is simple in my business, a healthy dog as a member of Gwen’s Social Club for Dogs share a bond, and that bond is exercise, fun and affection. They know the rules, boundaries, and limitations.

They have helped me to understand, what dogs really need, isn’t always what we want to give them. They don’t really care if your house is big; go to the best grooming; have expensive toys, eating fancy dog cookies.... They simply want to be a dog and to be with other dogs. Socializing your dog will be most beneficial, and they will appreciate the company of other fellow canines.

Walking your dogs is the single most powerful tool I can offer you at Gwen’s Social Club for Dogs, to connect with your canine’s mind and body language. Dogs need to connect with the world outside their territory. After a dog day afternoon with the members of the Social Club, you can rest assured that they have plenty of exciting memories and exercise and long to return back home to their loved ones.


Gwen's Social Club for DogsLet me start with my name, which is Zu-Zu. My family name? I don’t have one. That’s because I’m a dog and most dogs are not known by their family name. Do you remember Lassie, Snoppy, Benji, and Marley? What were their last names?

When I was a puppy, I remembered training school. Mommy took me there, I only went for a couple of classes, because I failed the course. The problem wasn’t language, no, I was opposed to it from the time I heard the term “Obedience School.” After all, obedience means “submission,” doesn’t it?

I met Gwen when I was only 12 weeks old, walking with Mom. It only took a moment and I felt the connection that would last a lifetime with her. I remembered going to all these interesting parks with her and my fellow canines all off leash. Over the years, I have come a long way. Today I am CEO of Gwen’s Social Club for Dogs. I guide all the members to the trails, along with Gwen and watch to make sure every one of them stays together and return to Gwen’s vehicle.


Gwen's Social Club for DogsMy name is Pepsi. My birth mother? I don’t remember. I have no memory of her. That’s because I was brought into a strange new home when I was only 10 weeks old. I was lazing in the sun with my brothers and sisters, having a ball, when I was suddenly picked up and placed in this cramped cardboard box. After I heard a loud noise like thunder and I felt a funny vibration, shaking me like we hit an earthquake. I later learnt it was the sound of a car starting up. It was the first time I had ever ridden in a car. I was so scared and the car made me shake and vomited, until I reached the front door of my new home.

I am on the Board of Directors for Gwen’s Social Club for Dogs and I also assist Zu-Zu with the interviews of our new members. I met Gwen when I was only 14 weeks old, and I remembered I never wanted to be put on a leash and go for a walk off my territory. My mom would drag me on the street, until one day I met Gwen and my life suddenly changed. I have enjoyed hiking, running along the beaches, and meeting so many canines and enjoying the outdoors with them.


Gwen's Social Club for DogsMy name is Viking and I am 14 years old. As I grew older I was given the responsibility to look after the house when Mommy, Daddy, Vicky and Vinnie went to work. At first when I heard them say ”Bye-Bye Viking, I have to go to work. You must stay home and look after the house.” Right. OK and so I had to stay behind and look after the house.

This is what I thought about while waiting for them to come back home: What is involved in looking after the house? It doesn’t attract attention, and that sort of work is extremely difficult. Even amongst my fellow canines, some dislike doing things that no one notice them. But we must not be notice, if we want to watch the house. It’s much easier to catch a burglar by surprise, isn’t it? Try imaging things from a burglar’s point of view. The only reason they try to sneak into a house is because they think no one would be inside. And how do they feel when they turn around and find a watch dog glaring at them in the eyes? Now if the burglar only knew how scared we are seeing them inside our house, oh my God…but we start barking and growling at them, and take on that attack position, but we really don’t want confrontation.

I am one of the original members’ at Gwen’s Social Club for Dogs. I have been with her through the beginning and there is not a day go by, where I have any regrets joining this social club for dogs. It’s given me youth, a bond of friendship, and I really look forward seeing her and my fellow canines.


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